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Latin American Studies Association (LASA)

Latin American Research Review (LARR)

LARR policy regarding allegations of plagiarism

  • Plagiarism is defined as follows (Merriam Websterís Eleventh Collegiate Dictionary, s.v. plagiarize): to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as oneís own: use (anotherís production) without crediting the source.
  • Allegations of plagiarism involving manuscripts submitted to and/or published in LARR should be submitted to the Editor in Chief and must be accompanied by documentation indicating specific examples of the unattributed use of another scholarís written work, ideas, or arguments.
  • Upon receiving an allegation of plagiarism, the Editor in Chief will ask for a written response from the author of the manuscript. The Editor in Chief or designate from the Editorial Committee, along with an independent academic (who shall remain anonymous) with recognized expertise in the subject area of the disputed submission, will independently evaluate both the allegation and the authorís response. If they do not reach an agreement on the merits of the allegation, a second independent academic will be selected after consultation with the LARR Editorial Committee.
  • Upon demonstration that the author has submitted another personís work as his or her own, the LARR Editorial Committee will determine the appropriate remedial action to be taken. This will include a public statement confirming the nature of the plagiarism that has been substantiated.

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