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Latin American Studies Association (LASA)

International Congress


Names of Program Committee members are provided for information only. Direct your correspondence to the LASA Secretariat ONLY.

AGR / Agrarian and Rural Life
Neil Harvey - New Mexico State University
Niurka Perez - Universidad de la Habana

ART / Art History and Architecture
Luis Aponte Pares - University of Massachussets-Boston

CYC / Children, Youth, and Youth Cultures
Vicky Mayer - Tulane University

CIT / Cities and Urban Studies
Brian Wampler - Boise State University

CSH / Citizenship, Social Justice, and Human Rights
Fiona Macaulay - University of Oxford

CUL / Culture, Politics, and Society
Marc Zimmerman - University of Houston
Liv Sovik - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

DEM / Democratization
Kathryn Hochstetler - Colorado State University
Elizabeth Friedman - University of San Francisco

ECO / Economies: Local, Regional, Global
Alfred Montero - Carleton College

EDU / Education and Educational Policies
Rene Antrop Gonzalez - University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee
Anthony de Jesus - City University of New York

ENV / Environmental Issues and Environmental Justice
Yvette Perfecto - University of Michigan

EXC / Expressive Cultures: Visual Arts, Music, Theater, and Dance
Luis Ramos Garcia - University of Minnesota

FST / Feminist Studies
Pat Zavella - University of California/Santa Cruz

FDS / Film and Documentary Studies
Catherine Benamou - University of Michigan

GEN / Genders, Sexualities, and LGBT Studies
Juanita Díaz - State University of New York/Binghamton

GLT / Globalization and Transnationalism
Millie Thayer - University of Massachusetts/Amherst

HIS / Histories and Historiographies
Sonia Draibe - State University of Campinas

HSS / Health, Science, and Society
Gabriela Arredondo - University of California/Santa Cruz
Christopher Boyer - University of Illinois/Chicago

IND / Indigeneities and Ethnicities
Maylei Blackwell - University of California/Los Angeles

LAB / Labor Studies and Class Relations
Marta Panaia - Universidad de Buenos Aires

LAT / Latina/os in the United States
Ginetta Candelario - Smith College

LAW / Law, Jurisprudence, and Society
Viviana Kluger - Universidad of Buenos Aires

LCN / Literary Studies: Colonial and Nineteenth Century
Luis Fernando Restrepo - University of Arkansas

LCO / Literary Studies: Contemporary
Nicasio Urbina - Cincinati University

LIA / Literature and Culture: Interdisciplinary Approaches
Silvia Spitta - Dartmouth College

MAS / Mass Media and Popular Culture
Arlene Dávila - New York University

MCB / Migration and Cross-Border Studies
Alejandro Grimson - Universidad de San Martin
Jorge Duany - Universidad de Puerto Rico

PST / Performance Studies
Jorge Duany - Universidad de Puerto Rico

POL / Politics and Public Policy
Celi Pinto - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

RRR / Race, Racism, and Racial Politics
Edmund Gordon - University of Texas/Austin

RRS / Religion, Religiosity and Spirituality
John Burdick - Syracuse University

SMO / Social Movements, Civil Society, NGO’-s and the Third Sector
Shannan L. Mattiace - Political Science Allegheny College / Meadville

TEC / Technology, Scholarly Resources, and Pedagogy
Rory Miller - University of Liverpool

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