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About LASA2007

Film Festival and Exhibit

About the Film Festival and Exhibit

The LASA Film Festival and Exhibit takes place in connection with the LASA congress, every eighteen months. The Festival-Exhibit focuses on films with content related to Latin America in all of its aspects: history, peoples, economy, current issues, debates, arts, politics, etc. Films come from all over the globe, and they all have in common that Latin America is their focus. For that reason, the festival assigns special importance to the documentary genre in all of its scope. The Festival-Exhibit is also interested in creating bridges between creators and scholars—whenever possible, it coordinates screenings with the attendance of film directors. Additionally, the Festival-Exhibit features selected events in connection with the LASA Congress program: special sessions, workshops, presentations, etc. These characteristics make this festival unique among all other festivals dedicated to Latin American Film.


LASA Film Festival and Exhibit has been an important feature of the LASA congresses since 1983. Its trajectory and importance can be measured by the permanent presence of the LASA Festival’s awards in all important national and international film catalogs.


  • By presenting important film production on the subject of Latin America at the Congress, LASA Festival enables participant scholars to familiarize themselves with the recent film and video production focusing on Latin America.
  • Dissemination of Latin American film and video production, as well as of films on Latin America, whatever their origin may be.
  • Promotion of the use of video and film for teaching about Latin America.
  • Promotion of the study of Latin American Film in universities around the globe, particularly in Latin America and the US.
  • Promotion of the creation of festivals and alternative circuits for the dissemination of Latin American film production.
  • The Film Festival is an important means for establishing a fluid relationship among the LASA organization and the local communities (both academic and non-academic) in which these congresses take place.

Call for Submissions

Submission will be received between January 5, 2007 and March 15, 2007

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