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Latin American Studies Association (LASA)

LASA Publications

LASA Reports 1969 - 2018

Report of the LASA fact-finding delegation on the impeachment of Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff
Cath Collins, Keisha-Khan Perry, Mariana Llanos, Mónica Pachón, Sidney Chalhoub - 2017

Responsibilities of the Foreign Scholar to the Local Scholarly Community: Studies of U.S. Research in Guatemala, Chile and Paraguay
Michael P. Blair, Richard P. Schaedel, James H. Street - 1969

Argentina de hoy: un regimen de terror
Documentary Supplement to "Argentina 1973-1976: The Background to Violence" by Juan E. Corradi, Eldon Kenworthy, William Wipfler - 1976

Its the Image that Counts: Cartoon Masters for Latin American Study
Monte Adkison, Mathew Marty, Gladys Simpson, Mary Beth Treece, Frank Winstead
Drawings by Mark D. Prouse
Edited by Miriam Williford - 1976

Academic Freedom and University Autonomy in Chile
Michael Fleet - 1977

Odds and Ends: Instructional Materials Developed at the First National Seminar on the Teaching of Latin American Studies
Jacrya Abreu, Leonor Andrade, Jerry Bower, Julia Rosa Emslie, Carlos Flores, Jim Gray, James Henderson, Barbara Kantz, Georgia Kilpatrick, Carmen Lydell, Mathew Marty, Judy Myers, Raul Noriega, Dorothy Sandusky, Stephanie Stimac, Louis Trahan, Doris Vincent, Frank Winstead
Edited by Miriam Williford, J. Doyle Casteel - 1977

New Directions in Language and Area Studies: Priorities for the 1980's
Edited by Donald R. Shea, Maureen J. Smith
Center for Latin America at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - 1979

The Electoral Process in Nicaragua: Domestic and International Influences
Latin American Studies Association Delegation to Observe the Nicaraguan General Election of November 4, 1984

Peace and Autonomy on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua
A Report of the LASA Task Force on Human Rights and Academic Freedom
Martin Diskin, Thomas Bossert, Salomón Nahmad S., Stéfano Varese - 1986

The Chilean Plebiscite: A First Step Toward Redemocratization
International Commision of the Latin American Studies Association to Observe the Chilean Plebiscite - 1988

Extraordinary Opportunities...and new Risks
Preliminary Report of the LASA Commission on Compliance with the Central America Peace Accord - 1988

Extraordinary Opportunities...and new Risks
Final Report of the LASA Commission on Compliance with the Central America Peace Accord - 1988

Electoral Democracy Under International Pressure
The Report of the Latin American Studies Association Commission to Observe the 1990 Nicaraguan Election - 1990

Negotiating Democractic Corridors in Paraguay
The Report of the Latin American Studies Association Delegation to Observe the 1993 Paraguayan National Elections
Marcial A. Riquelme - 1993

The 1995 Electoral Process in Peru: A Delegation Report of the Latin American Studies Association
Edited by Tommie Sue Montgomery - 1995

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