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Immigration Reform and Beyond?
The 5th Conference on Immigration to the US South

Date(s): October 23-25, 2014
Location: University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

The 5th Conference on Immigration to the US South (formerly Conference on Immigration to the Southeast) calls for papers/panels for a multidisciplinary meeting on immigration to the US South. We also invite papers/panels that engage in comparative analysis of other regions and/or bring in transnational and global perspectives. Now that comprehensive immigration reform is back on the legislative agenda, we especially welcome presentations that promote an understanding of short-term and long-term challenges of immigration reform with an emphasis on finding practical and realistic policy alternatives. Because one of this conference's goals is to heighten the exchanges between our academic and community participants, we encourage presentations/panels that include interactive strategies to support this aim.

The conference is co-sponsored by the University of Florida’s Center for Latin American Studies and the Program for Immigration, Religion, and Social Change (PIRSC); Kennesaw State University Center for Conflict Management; the Jesuit Social Research Institute (JSRI) of Loyola University; and the Centro de Investigaciones Sobre America del Norte of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico.

Proposal deadline:
March 31, 2014

For proposals, submit abstracts online at:

Contact information:
Conference Information:

Accepted Papers Notified: May 30, 2014

Conference Registration Opens: August 1, 2014

Additional information:
We offer the following list of suggested topics and we remain open to considering papers on other related issues:

  • Preparing for comprehensive immigration reform
  • Immigrant integration and political participation
  • The role of religious organizations in immigration reform and immigrant integration
  • Immigrant health and well-being
  • Migrant education
  • Immigration policy at the local, state, regional, and/or national levels
  • Representations of immigrants in public discourse and the media
  • Immigrants in the rural and urban US South
  • Local strategies for managing/resolving conflicts around immigration
  • Immigration and inter-racial/inter-ethnic conflict and cooperation
  • Transnationalism: cultural, economic, and political dimensions
  • Perspectives from the countries of origin
  • Legal/criminal justice issues and analysis
  • Immigrant detention and deportation
  • Advocacy and immigrant mobilization


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