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LASA Research Grants Program for Doctoral Students in Latin America

The LASA Research Grants Program aims to support research with focus on Latin American Studies in all disciplines. Restricted to LASA student members who are enrolled in doctoral programs in Latin American institutions of higher education, these grants assist grantees with research expenses, including travel and per diem expenses, access to archives, supplies, research assistance, administration and coding of instruments or purchase of datasets. Certain activities such as travel to professional meetings, secretarial costs, and salary support for the principal investigator are excluded from funding. Overhead or indirect costs (e.g. rent) are not allowable expenses.

LASA Research Grants are awarded annually through a peer-review process. Grants may not exceed $5,000 and are not renewable. The available funds each year will be $10,000.


Applicants must be LASA members at the time of the application and when funds are disbursed.

Application Procedure

Please send the following materials to

  1. A 2-page CV, including education, any professional positions, publications, scholarly presentations, and previous grants and fellowships.
  2. An official copy of academic transcript
  3. Title Page (1 page in length). This should include an abstract of the proposal in 150 words or less
  4. Project statement (up to 3 single-spaced pages in length) including:
    1. argument and research questions;
    2. the relationship of the argument to the existing literature (no more than half a page);
    3. the methodology and/or sources to be used (although not required, if the project has a potential public engagement component, please include it);
    4. the present status of the research;
    5. the relevance of the research to Latin American Studies;
    6. references cited.
    7. dissemination: include plans for dissemination of research findings within and beyond the academy
    8. brief statement of qualifications for undertaking the proposed research such as prior experience, training, courses, technical or other skills.
  5. Research budget (not counted as part of the 3 page project statement): include separate line items for direct costs associated with your proposed research and any necessarily explanations.
  6. Two recommendation letters. One from the dissertation advisor and another one from the chair of the program where the student is enrolled.

Applications and recommendation letters should be submitted into a single pdf file, and can be written in English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Successful applicants will be encouraged to share their research findings in an upcoming LASA Congress and will have their abstracts published on the LASA website.

The application deadline is: September 15th, 2018 Applications will be evaluated by a multi-disciplinary committee of LASA senior scholars.

Disbursement of Awards

Award recipients may request that funds be paid to their college or university. If the funds are directly paid to the grantee, tax implications are responsibility of the grantee. 75 percent of the award total (US$3500) will be deposited in a bank account of your choice at the beginning of the grant period and the other 25 percent (US$1500) when the research is done and a 1-3 page single-spaced report has been submitted to LASA.

Grant Period and Reports

Funds must be spent within 12 months of receiving the award. A 1-3 page single-spaced report of the funded activities must be sent to LASA two months after the research period has concluded.

Selection Committee:

A past-president chairs a committee of three scholars from a range of disciplines and countries of residence, appointed by the VP or EC of LASA for a one-year period. If no past-president is willing, then a senior scholar with leadership experience in LASA will be appointed to chair the selection committee.

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