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The Mellon-LASA seminars is made possible through a generous grant to the Association by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. This program is intended to foster innovation in Latin American Studies and enrich LASA Congresses by supporting projects that reflect one or more of the following objectives:

  • Incorporate into Latin American Studies researchers, whose primary geographic focus is on other regions of the world, thus adding comparative or connective dimensions to Latin America-related work and/or introducing to the field methodological or analytical perspectives that have typically been applied elsewhere.
  • Challenge conventional geographic boundaries of Latin American Studies, for example by exploring opportunities for articulating research in terms of the Americas, the Atlantic, the Pacific Rim, or other geographic configurations.
  • Integrate into Latin American Studies theoretical and/or methodological perspectives drawn from state-of-the-art research in core disciplines of the social sciences and humanities.

Proposals that do not assign priority to one or more of these objectives will not be considered for funding. Preference will be given to projects that involve significant participation by researchers from Latin America; inclusion of junior scholars is encouraged. To be eligible for consideration, proposals must be submitted by a LASA member in good standing, but other participants in the project need not be members of the Association. Organizers of successful projects must convene a panel at the 2014 LASA meeting in Chicago, IL to present preliminary results of the initiative.

Proposals should identify the participants in the proposed workshop or conference, the objectives of the project, the process by which those objectives are to be achieved, and the anticipated calendar of activities. The total amount requested in each proposal may not exceed $15,000, devoted primarily to covering travel and per diem expenses for workshop participants. Of the project’s total budget, up to $1,500 may be allocated for travel of key participants to present results of the project at a Mellon-LASA panel convened during the May 2014 LASA Congress in Chicago, IL, and up to $1,500 may be reserved for publication support, including translation. Administrative and indirect costs will not be eligible. Grants may be combined with other sources of funding, and may be used to initiate projects that continue with funding from other sources.

This is an additional round of competitions for Mellon-LASA seminar grants. To be considered for this final round, the core project activities may take place either before or after the May 2014 LASA Congress in Chicago, IL. No project or group will be funded more than once through this program.

Proposals of no more than five (5) single-spaced pages in length, plus a one-page summary of the budget and one-page c.v.s of principal organizers, must be received by the LASA Secretariat by September 15, 2013. The narrative must make clear how the project will contribute to innovation in Latin American Studies by advancing one or more of the three objectives outlined above. Proposals will be evaluated by a peer review panel, and applicants will be informed of the results by October 30, 2013.

Note: given that most proposals are not likely to be funded, applicants who wish to convene a panel at the 2014 LASA Congress in Chicago, IL should also submit a proposal through the normal channels.

Within 18 months of the announcement of the award recipients, the project director(s) will be required to submit a report on the activities undertaken, suitable for publication in the LASA Forum.

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