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Mellon-LASA Seminars 2011-2012

Selected Projects

Financial Statecraft and Ascendant Powers: Latin America and Asia after the 2008-10 Global Financial Crisis

Leslie Elliott Armijo - Portland State University
Saori N. Katada - University of Southern California
Carol Wise - University of Southern Califormia

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Religion, Social Movements, and Progressive Reform in the Americas

Jeffrey Rubin - Boston University
David Smilde - University of Georgia
Benjamin Junge - State University of New York/New Paltz

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The Cádiz Constitution of 1812 and its Impact in the Atlantic World and Beyond

Natalia Sobrevilla Perea - University of Kent/Canterbury
Scott Eastman - Creighton University

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Experiments For Export? Assessing yhe Suitability of Behavioral Experiments in Latin America

Maria Fernanda Boidi - Universidad de Montevideo
Ryan E. Carlin - Georgia State University
Abby Córdova - Vanderbilt University
Et al.

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