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Mellon-LASA Seminars 2012-2013

Selected Projects

Federalism and Inequality in the Global South: Latin America in Comparative Perspective

Richard Snyder - Brown University
Lorena Moscovich - Universidad de San Andrés

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From Parchment to Practice: Explaining When New Constitutions Fail to Improve Democracy

Todd Eisenstadt - American University
Carl LeVan - American University
Robert Albro - American University

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Traveling Theories of the Social: On Form and Informality

María Cristina Cielo - FLACSO, Ecuador
Julia Hornberger - University of Zurich
Kelly Gillespie - University of Witwaterstand
Et al.

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The Colonial Roots of Globalization: Iberian Empires and their Legacies

Ivonne del Valle - University of California/Berkeley
Anna More - University of California/Los Angeles
Rachel O’Toole - University of California/Irvine
Et al.

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