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Other Americas project / proyecto Otros Saberes

A Collaborative Research Initiative of the Latin American Studies Association

The Latin American political landscape has changed profoundly in the past two decades, as indigenous and Afro-Latin peoples have made their voices heard in national arenas.  Throughout the region, thousands of civil society organizations and social movements participate in these struggles, working on a wide range of issues, from land rights to bilingual education, from gender equality to the building of transnational networks.  Intellectuals associated with these organizations are knowledge producers: they have defined high priority immediate and long-term problems that require attention, and they are constantly generating knowledge about these problems, though in forms that often remain internal, used but rarely disseminated in academic venues.  The Otros Saberes Initiative will connect these civil society knowledge producers with university-based researchers who have similar areas of expertise, allowing both groups to reap the benefits of collaboration.

Funding sources:

1. LASA - Latin American Studies Association
2. Open Society Institute
3. Inter-American Foundation
4. Ford Foundation
5. Harvard University

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