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At its XXXIV Annual International Congress, held in New York City, May 27-30, 2016, the Executive Council of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) unanimously voted to send a fact-finding delegation to Brazil to investigate the impeachment process against President Dilma Rousseff. The LASA delegation will travel to Brazil in July, to interview major actors, review pertinent documentation, and produce a report to be circulated internationally. The mandate of the LASA delegation is to determine whether the charges against President Rousseff meet the constitutional standard for impeachment, whether they are credible, and generally whether the Brazilian Congress has followed appropriate standards of due process. The delegation will also examine and analyze the social, political, and economic contexts that have given rise to the impeachment proceedings. The members of the delegation are the following:

Cath Collins, Professor of Transitional Justice, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile, and University of Ulster;

Keisha-Khan Perry, Associate Professor of Africana Studies, Brown University;

Mariana Llanos, Professor of Political Science, German Institute of Global and Regional Studies, Hamburg;

Mónica Pachón, Dean of Social Sciences, Universidad del Rosario, Colombia;

Sidney Chalhoub, Professor of History, Harvard University (Chair).

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