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Resolution is approved

The resolution on Brazil approved by the Execute Council at its May 2016 meeting to be presented to the membership for a vote did meet the requirements specified by the LASA By-laws and therefore passed.

As stated by the LASA By-laws, Article VI, Item #7: All proposed resolutions shall be automatically emailed for electronic voting to each individual who is a member during the year in which the Congress is held, no later than 15 days after the close of the Business Meeting. Votes must be received within sixty days of receipt of the email transmission. Twenty percent of the current LASA membership must vote regarding a proposed resolution and the majority must vote in favor of it for the resolution to pass. The results of the vote shall be posted in the subsequent issue of the LASA Forum and posted on the LASA Internet site.


2016 Individual members (as of August 9, 2016): 7457

Total votes received: 2589 or 35% of the membership
    In favor: 2263 or 87% of members voting
    Against: 326 or 13%

Resolution on Brazil

Whereas: the arbitrary and casuistic manner in which the impeachment process is being carried out against President Dilma Rousseff constitutes an attack against Brazilian democracy;

Whereas: democracy is an indispensable condition for attaining a dignified and socially just future for all of the region's inhabitants; and

Whereas: the international community of Latin Americanists has long stood in solidarity with struggles in defense of democracy.

Be it resolved that:

LASA denounces the current impeachment process in Brazil as antidemocratic and encourages its members to call the world's attention to the dangerous precedents that this process establishes for the entire region.

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